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If you are a Scuba Diver that is looking for more activities or if the under water world is not your thing, but you like to explore and the adventure we are your ONE STOP SHOP for fun on Cabo's must famous beach "El Medano".


If you are not ready for diving, but want to explore the underwater world, just rent some snorkeling equipment, and enjoy the colorful sea life from the safe top of the surface. It may make you want to dive after all, you’d be surprised.


Going on an early morning kayak tour is just the relaxation you need, combined with some light exercise, and the calming motion of the ocean, to get a real feeling of Cabo.
When you arrive to the arch life is just perfect.


The perfect activity to get a sneak peak at the ocean life and, our beautiful rock formations, you will be surprised what you can see on the way to the last rock, and around. Don’t forget our sea loin colony you will love the big guys.

Whale Watching: (only in season)

This activity takes place only in winter seassonfrom February to the end of March, when the whales come and visit us for giving birth, this experience is unique, since the whales display a great aerial show jumping, and dancing with each other.


If you're looking for speed, wind and, adrenaline, this water sport is perfect for you. This is the easy way to explore the bay, and its limits. and we have the fastest and latest models of wave runners for you to ride with style.
If you want to combine snorkeling, and wave running we offer tours to Santa Maria Bay leaving from Medano Beach in Cabo.


This is one of the most fun activities for the whole family, and friends see who is the king of the waves by staing on the banana the longest.

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Mobile 044 (624) 14 77136 form the US 011 52 1 624 14 77136.

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